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Alaska Roofing Contractors

Choose an Alaska municipality to view the roofing contractors doing business near you. The cities with the most locations are highlighted at the top of the list. Services offered by roofing contractors may vary. However, just about all Alaska roofers will handle reroofing, roof leak repair, roofing construction, shingle installation, and gutter repairs.

Also, continue below to read about the matters that concern Alaskan roofers and homeowners the most, including licensing, roof types, and problems specific to roofs in AK.

There are 89 Roofing Contractors in the State of Alaska (AK).
Anchorage (45 locations) Fairbanks (11 locations) Wasilla (12 locations)
Homer (1 location) North Pole (5 locations) Soldotna (2 locations)
Juneau (3 locations) Palmer (2 locations) Sterling (1 location)
Kenai (1 location) Sand Point (1 location) Sutton (1 location)
Ketchikan (3 locations) Sitka (1 location)
Alaska Roofing Contractors by County:
Aleutians East County (1) Kenai Peninsula County (5)
Anchorage County (45) Ketchikan Gateway County (3)
Fairbanks North Star County (16) Matanuska-Susitna County (15)

If an Alaska roofing company is missing from the directory, please contact us with the location.

About Alaska Roofing

Roofing contractors are essential to the building process. They are responsible for consulting, new roof installation and repairing damaged roofs. Roofing contractors often know and recommend the best roofing system for your area. On the commercial side, roofing contractors work with tar, gravel, and rubber-based materials. On the residential side, roofing contractors with metal and asphalt. Roofing contractors also work with cedar shank in certain climates. Other responsibilities include both waterproofing and winterizing roofs.

Typical Climate

Alaska is the farthest northwestern state in the United States, and features the most frigidly cold temperatures in the country. Varying temperature extremes have been recorded in Alaska. The hottest temperature of record was in June 27, 1915 at Fort Yukon, reaching 100 degrees. The coldest temperature in Alaska and the entire country was recorded on January 23, 1971 at 79.8° in the town of Prospect Camp Creek. Average winter temperatures around the state vary, but can range from 20° to -30 degrees, while the average summer temperature ranges from 56 to 60 degrees. The average rainfall in Juneau is 58.3 inches, and average snowfall is 98.5 inches.

Common Roofing Issues

Due to the weather conditions, roofing contractors must contend with a shorter roofing season in Alaska. Roofs in Alaska require special materials to withstand the snow and occasional windstorm. Roofing contractors use materials like modified bitumen, which is a water-proofed, asphalt-based material. Although roofing contractors prefer to work during warmer temperatures, in some cases it's necessary to work in the latter part of the year, when temperatures are colder. During this time, roofing contractors use torch-down membranes that work well with heat application.

Energy Efficient Roofs

Most roofing contractors in Alaska use energy-efficient materials. As an Energy Star partner, Interlock Industries is one of the biggest installers of roofing systems in Alaska. With their energy-efficient, weather-resistant "Interlock" roofs, Interlock Industries guarantees up to 40 percent reduction off annual rates to air condition a home. They offer Interlock Roofing aluminum shingles and slate roofing, protected with their Alunar Coating System, and covered under a lifetime limited warranty.


Roofing contractors are considered "specialty contractors" and must be licensed by the Alaska Division of Occupation Licensing. To verify whether the contractor has been licensed, consumers can call the agency at (907) 465-2546 or (907) 465-3035, or check with the Better Business Bureau.

Unusual Roofs

Alaska is home to many igloos, but one of the most impressive is the Igloo City. Located in the town of Cantwell, Igloo City is a four-story building on Parks Highway. Its dome-shaped roof is said to be visible from 30,000 feet in the air. The building is no longer open for tours. Another unusual roof in Alaska is the one on the Church of the Living God. This cone-shaped building is an exact replica of a church built in Guadalajara, Mexico. Some say the church resembles a multi-layered wedding cake. The white temple towers above all the nearby buildings, rising seven stories into the skyline.