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There are several products in the PABCO® shingle line.

Pabco Premier Advantage® is the most durable. The shingle has a tough fiberglass mat base and is coated in protective asphalt and ceramic granules. It's made for the weather conditions of the western United States.

The Premier® shingle is made from multiple layers of laminates. Laminated shingles add the look of depth to a roof. They may be applied in random patterns to increase the artistic effect.

PABCO's Precise® is another laminated shingle designed to give the new or re-roofing project a distinctive and consistent look. The mat base is fiberglass, coated with asphalt, and embedded with ceramic granules. This shingle has a self-sealing strip that adheres to the roof when heated by the sun. It is designed to offer extra protection from wind and other weather conditions.

PABCO claims that their three tab shingles, although less costly offer excellent fire, wind, and weather protection. They are designed to compliment any architectural style and come in various colors. The models are SG-30® and SG-2® the SG-30 has a thicker asphalt coat.

PABCO's History

PABCO Roofing was founded in 1984 when Pacific Coast Building Products acquired the west coast CertainTeed branch. They specialize in providing asphalt roofing materials in the western U.S.


All PABCO shingles come with a limited warranty. They also offer a 50-year transferable warranty that costs nothing regardless of how many times the home may change hands.

The Premier style comes with 50, 40, or 30-year limited warranties. They are also rated Class "A" against fire damage. Your PABCO dealer can provide more information on warranties for each shingle model.

As with any product, be sure you understand all the terms of the warranty before purchasing.

Roof Repair

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Contacting Pabco

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