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Flo-Free Leaf Guard

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Gutter guards help to keep gutters clear. They decrease the need for maintenance and allow rainwater to water to flow. Flo-Free Leaf Guard is one such system. It uses a curved piece of strong nylon to keep leaves and debris out of the gutter.

The Leaf Guard

The Flo-Free Leaf Guard keeps the mouth of the gutter open, allowing for the passage of a large volume of water in a heavy downpour. The porous material allows water to pass directly through, rather than requiring it to slide around through adhesion.

Flo-Free Leaf Guard comes in a few different sizes to fit different gutters. There are 5" and 6" sizes for K-shaped gutters. There is also a version of the product for round gutters. Custom leaf guards are also available. In all cases, the nylon used is 3/4" thick.

The nylon attaches directly to the gutter without having to be nailed into nearby shingles. The nylon is available only in a carbon black color (which provides protection from UV rays). It is packaged in three-foot sections which can be trimmed during installation. The gutter guard itself lies within the gutter and is not particularly visible from the ground.

About the Company

Flo-Free Leaf Guard is manufactured by DCI Products, Inc. The company is based in Clifton Heights, PA, and was founded in 1990. The company makes a few different roof technologies, particularly ventilation systems. The Flo-Free Leaf Guard has been a central product in the company's inventory for almost its whole history.


DCI offers a limited lifetime warranty for its Flo-Free Leaf Guards. It will replace without charge any defect element of the system. Customers wishing to redeem this warranty must present the original proof of purchase and registration card for their gutter guard system.

Contact Information

DCI Products Inc
Clifton Industrial Center
100 Mill St.
Clifton Heights, PA 19018

Phone: (800) 622-4455 or (610) 622-4455