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LeafShield Gutter Guards

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With an image as a dry state, the natural presumption would seem to be that gutter protection is not a significant concern in Oklahoma. However, as those who live in the state will tell you, the weather goes to extremes--see the abundance of tornadoes--and as such, rain, wind and the debris these elements leave behind make protecting your home with an adequate gutter system paramount to defending the investment of your home.

Serving its home state, Tulsa-based Rain-Flow Systems Inc. has developed Leaf Shield, a solid aluminum cap that the company says can be affixed to your existing gutters. Capable of handling 11 inches of rainfall an hour, LeafShield uses the scientific principle of liquid adhesion to draw rain into the gutter but keep debris out. The cap is designed with a bullnose-type edge that allows water bond to the aluminum. Following the shape of the bullnose, water flows into the gutter, unobstructed by debris that the tight fitting cap prevents from entering and clogging your gutters. Leaf Shield features a low-profile design and comes in more than 25 different colors, including copper, to fit any roof and guttering combination.


Rain-Flow Systems says it has been a family-owned business for more than 35 years, serving the Tulsa area.

Leaf Shield's Warranty

Rain-Flow Systems backs its Leaf Shield with a written warranty that covers faulty installation of the system for the lifetime of your home, while materials are guaranteed for 20 years to resist cracking, peeling or blistering.

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