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Conergy Solar Panels

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Conergy is an international business that offers a line of solar energy products and solutions. The company has been in business for more than a decade its sole focus is solar energy. Conergy supplies solar panels for residential, small commercial and large scale needs.

Conergy's History

Conergy was established in 1998 in Germany as Conergy AG. The company has expanded to serve customers in more than twenty nations around the world, including Australia and the United States. With manufacturing capabilities, as well as an extensive network of dealers and installers, Conergy is a complete solar energy business.

Special Features

Conergy's premier product is the Conergy Power Plus. This solar panel is produced in an automated facility to what the company describes as the highest exacting standards. The unique frame design is built for extreme durability and the photovoltaic cells can perform even in low light.

Conergy also manufactures two solar panel models for Sanyo: the HIT Power A Series and the HIT Double. The HIT Power A achieves the maximum power conversion from the minimum amount of solar panel space possible. These panels are produced domestically in California and Oregon. The HIT Double has solar cells on the back of the solar panel to convert reflected light into energy.

The Conergy P series is the more basic series offered by the company. The P models are manufactured in China; the panels are subject to rigorous testing and standards.

Energy Efficiency and Conergy Solar Panels

Solar panels from Conergy can reduce energy costs to nothing, if the system is large enough.

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Our free Find a Contractor tool can help you find qualified pre-screened contractors to install solar panels. Every contractor in our database has been screened for a clean credit and legal history, and has been in business for at least three years.


The Power Plus model is guaranteed to deliver ninety-two percent of its power for twelve years. By installing this model in a certain module, ten years can be added to the warranty. The Sanyo HIT series has a twenty-year output limited warranty and a five year product guarantee. The P model offers a ninety percent output for twelve years and eighty percent for twenty-five years.

Contact Info

2460 West 26th Avenue, Suite 280C
Denver, Colorado 80211
Telephone: (888) 396-6611