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GutterMonster® Gutter Guards

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GutterMonster is owned by the St. Clair Corporation, a Missouri-based company that markets a variety of home improvement products, including vinyl siding, doors, replacement windows and kitchen and bath products.

Gutter Protection Products

GutterMonster's claim to fame is its all-season gutter protection and its MonsterHold® no-screw-installation. Both features distinguish GutterMonster from other similar products on the market.

GutterMonster points out that water damage can result in any season of the year and can be devastating to roofing, siding, windows, and the foundation of a home. While many people believe that fall is the most vulnerable time for a home to become damanged by water, the GutterMonster folks point out that spring often brings high, harmful winds along with heavy rain, summers often mean sun damage, and snow and ice abound in some areas during winter. GutterMonster offers an integrated protection system that works against the dangers of all seasons.

The company also touts their MonsterHold bracket saying that it is strong enough to absorb stress from winds, ice, and snow and that it keeps the gutters from dipping or pulling away from the home. GutterMonster fits standard 5, 6, or 7 inch gutters and is tested to take as much as 12" rain per hour as well as to deter debris from trees such as leaves, twigs, and seeds from getting into the gutter system. Since the system doesn't require screws or nails to hold it in place, it is easy to install and integrate into a home's design and cannot damage the roof or fascia board by puncturing or tearing loose.

The coating on GutterMonster is the industrial strength matte finish Kynar-500 with its own 30-year warranty against fading, denting, and blistering. It comes in a variety of colors to match your roofing system.

GutterMonster's Warranty

GutterMonster guarantees its gutter cover system for as long as the homeowner owns the house on which it is installed. The patented Kynar-500 coating is guaranteed not to fade or blister for 30 years. Although this is a lifetime warranty, it pertains mostly to manufacturer's defects. Exclusions include fire, ice damage, extreme winds, earthquake, and other "Acts of God".

How to Contact GutterMonster

St. Clair Corporation
10845 Baur Blvd
St Louis, MO 63132
(573) 875-1223