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GutterFilter® Gutter Guards

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Stopped-up gutters overflow and create problems for homeowners including the need for cleaning. Many people find gutter maintenance an unpleasant and difficult task and continue to look for gutter systems with minimal upkeep. Gutter filter systems use various porous substances to fill existing gutters and prevent debris of different sizes from settling inside and clogging the drainage paths.

GutterFilter's filtering technique relies on filling gutters with their Crystal-Flex Foam™. Consumers may buy it precut to fit twelve different types of gutters.

The GutterFilter product also contains BioCide. Biocides kill microrganisms such as algae and is used in this application as a preventative against moss, seeds, and bacteria. After filling and sealing gutters with GutterFilter there should be no room for debris to collect. Even small particles are expected to flow over the top or blow away once the filter dries out.

Some consumers have questioned the effect of sun on Crystal-Flex Foam. The company says it only gets better as it ages. The sun causes a coating or shell to form, making the leaf and other debris slide off even more easily. They tout their product as needing no maintenance, being affordable, and remaining invisible. They also maintain that GutterFilter performs well in all types of weather from ultra cold or extremely hot.

GutterFilter products are available in the United States and Canada.


GutterFilter offers a lifetime warranty that their system won't clog or overflow due to a build-up of leaves, needles, seeds, twigs, or nests. It also won't break down as it ages and is exposed to the sun. Consumers are expected to register their purchase online.

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