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Gutter Roof markets a rounded shingle-like surface that sits on top of the gutter and keeps leaf matter out. The "roof" has a curved protrusion that water flows around but solid objects do not. The company prides itself on the use of shingle material, which blends in with the rest of the roof. It's designed to fit in with its surroundings as a way to to minimize curbside visibility.

The Gutter Roof is made from 0.025 gauge aluminum alloy, which is relatively strong for this sort of product.

Gutter Roofs, when installed, should extend slightly past the edge of the roof. Otherwise, water can flow over the side of the gutter guard and cause damage to a roof that is otherwise well protected.

About the Gutter Roof Company

GutterRoof, "The Cutting Edge of Gutter Protection," has been in existence since the mid-1990's. The business has a big retailer in Chicago and a network of smaller dealers around the country. They issue Certificates of Merit to certain installers who can pass a training course that they provide. The company's motto is: "Put A Roof Over Your Gutters!"

They company offers a lifetime warranty for its gutters and also provides a complementary heater cap, which is designed to melt ice away from gutters and gutter roofs alike. Without the heater cap, gutter guards can increase the size of gutter-side icicles and the speed with which they form.

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