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Copper Roofing Shingles

Copper is a strong, resilient and (since it can be recycled) environmentally-friendly metal. New copper shingles often contain some recycled copper in them. These factors cause many people to choose it as a roofing material. In terms of price they fall in the middle between the low end asphalt and high end slate and cedar. Copper changes color naturally as it ages due to chemical reactions between the metal and the atmosphere. After about ten years, copper shingles become a light green color. Upkeep of a copper roof is minimal. It doesn't dry out or crack, and no extra roofing reinforcement is needed.

How are Copper Shingles made?

Copper is melted and shaped into slabs of various sizes. These are sent to a rolling mill to be made into coils. The standard coil weights are twelve to sixteen ounces. The shingles are either cut individually or into long sheets. There are interlocking copper shingle systems.

How long do Copper shingles last?

Manufacturers claim that they'll last 100 to 300 years.

Common problems with Copper Shingles

There are very few problems with copper used in roofing. If there is a combination of materials, corrosion may occur when water runs off from an acidic material above the copper.

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Copper Shingle Ratings

Copper shingles can withstand wind speeds of 110 mph, as well as rain driven at that speed. They have passed tests for fire ratings A, B, and C. They can also withstand the weight of heavy snowfalls, and are algae resistant.

Popular Copper shingle brands