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Home Depot Gutter Guards

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Gutter guards are a useful tool for keeping gutters clear. The basic function of a gutter guard is to allow water into the gutter while keeping leaves and other unwanted materials out. Simple gutter guards are usually just some kind of mesh. The size of the mesh determines what type of debris can get through and how easy the guard is to clean.

Home Depot sells a variety of gutter guards, which are primarily branded as Amerimax or Rain Master. Home Depot also sells unbranded or "private label" gutter guards, which are quite inexpensive.

Home Depot's private label Gutter Guards

Home Depot's brandless gutter guards are convex and snap onto a gutter with hinges. They are made from a relatively fine mesh of galvanized steel.

They are approximately 6" x 3'.

Home Depot notes that about 50 of these units are needed to guard the gutters of an average house.

Other Gutter Guard Products at Home Depot

Home Depot also sells two brands of gutter guard. One, the Rain Master, is also fairly simple; it uses vinyl instead of metal.

Amerimax manufactures some higher-end gutter guards, some of which use solid covers and liquid adhesion to avoid the pitfalls of mesh.


Home Depot advertises its Rain Master products as having a 'lifetime guarantee,' although it does not clarify how exactly this guarantee works. Its unbranded products do not have a similar guarantee.

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