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Rain gutters protect homes from water damage by collecting and redistributing it away from the house. Water will damage walls, windows, basements, crawl spaces, and eventually the foundation. The gutters typically run along the roofline with vertical downspouts at various intervals. One problem with gutters is that leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris may collect in them causing back-ups and overflows. Clogs make it impossible for the gutters to work as intended.

Manufacturers have created several ways to cover rain gutters with the intention of keeping the debris out of them. You'll see these covers referred to as "gutter guards", "leaf guards", "gutter protection", and other similar names. One such company is GutterGuard, LLC.

GutterGuard also claims their product permanently protects rain gutters and keeps the water flowing through them without clogs. Additionally they maintain that they will custom fit them over existing gutters. GutterGuard covers come in assorted colors with a transferable lifetime warranty.

Their website offers a short form to fill out. Once submitted, a rep from Englert LeafGuard will get in touch via telephone or email to answer questions and schedule a free presentation in your home. Their product carries the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.


We found little information on the business itself beyond the fact that they've been selling their gutter guards since 1991. They advertise complete pricing in their quotes without any hidden charges. They also promise to use only the best components and won't bill you until the installation is completed to your satisfaction.

GutterGuard's Warranty

According to their website GutterGuard offers a lifetime warranty that is transferable should you sell your home to a new owner. Before buying any gutter system, obtain a copy of the warranty in writing. Also should you use a professional installer, find out what type of warranty he or she offers on their products and services.

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