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Goat Lake Forest Shingles

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Red cedar shingles are considered the finest quality wooden shingles. The wood is fortified by natural oils that resist deterioration. Goat Lake claims that they will cool a house in summer and retain heat during the winter. Red cedar is promoted as a renewable resource and therefore environmentally friendly.

Goat Lake's premium shingle is the Perfections line. The Premium grade is 100% clear heartwood and the #1 grade is 80% clear heartwood. Another shingle style, the straight-split Barnshakes, comes in premium grade only. Goat Lake also manufactures "resaws" shakes. They come in various thicknesses and grades, including premium, medium, and heavy.


Goat Lake Forest Products, part of the Goat Group of companies, was founded in 1979 and is located on the Powell River in British Columbia, Canada. It specializes in red cedar shingles and shakes.

Wooden Shingle Warranty

Typical roofing warranties are between 20 and 50 years. To find specific information, contact Goat Lake Forest Products directly.

Be sure you fully understand the terms of the warranty before you purchase any product.

Roof Repair

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Contacting Goat Lake Forest

Phone: 604-487-4266


Goat Lake Forest Products
RR #3, Weldwood Road
Powell River, B.C.
Canada V8A5C1