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A gutter guard is a type of product used to keep debris out of a rooftop rain gutter. Most gutter guards work by covering the gutter and allowing rain to flow through a mesh or sluice. GutterStuff uses a different method; it produces a foam insert which can be placed directly into the gutter at hand.

What is GutterStuff?

GutterStuff is a type of foam through which water can flow easily. It is placed directly into a gutter. Water flows through the foam, while leaves and other large objects sit on top and eventually fall off. The material is held in place by the gutter spikes.

GutterStuff is billed as resistant to UV rays, heat, freezing cold, wind, and animals. Gutters with GutterStuff still need to be cleaned out twice a year with a leaf blower or hose.


There are three different types of GutterStuff: EZ, Original, and Pro. Original and Pro have extra layers of coating to protect the foam from being damaged over time.

GutterStuff is available in three different shapes: K-Style, Half Round, and Fascia. These correspond to standard residential gutter designs. GutterStuff of each shape comes in a few different sizes. Scissors or a knife can be used during installation to adjust the foam to the gutter more closely.


The warranty for GutterStuff depends on the specific product. The EZ, Original, and Pro models have warranties of three, five, and fifteen years, respectively. These warranties correspond to an increasing amount of protection from environmental damage.

About the Company

GutterStuff is owned by Cumberland Products, Inc. The company released the GutterStuff design in 2003 and has recently come out with a new product called GreenFlow-Pro. GreenFlow-Pro is billed as cheaper and more effective.

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