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Leaf-B-Gone Gutter Guards

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The Leaf-B-Gone gutter guard is designed to keep leaves and other debris out of your gutter. It's a simple system, using a medium-sized mesh that clips onto a roof. If there's anything unique about Leaf-B-Gone, it's the heating coils that the clips are able to support.

How it Works

Leaf-B-Gone is a clip-on gutter guard system which is attached the roof by slipping a tab underneath the shingles. A connected platform sits across the gutter and keeps leaves and other fallen matter out.

The guard in the Leaf-B-Gone system is made of a simple mesh that allows water through. Water is directed onto the mesh by clips that are placed at regular intervals.

The clips serve multiple purposes. They keep the pieces of metal together, and they also have slots that can hold coils for heating. These can be useful for melting ice and snow that threatens to disrupt the integrity of the roof or of the guard.

The Company

Leaf-B-Gone has been in business since 2009. It was founded by and is operated by a father and son team Arie and Sammy Raviv from Birmingham, Alabama. The company offers gutter repair, replacement, and washing services. They plan to trademark their product.

The Ravivs also run a company called Form Process Engineering, which has existed for 35 years and makes gutter machines.

Contact Information

Phone: (205)-337-0629

7722 Georgia Rd.
Birmingham, AL 35212