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Types of Gutters - Copper

Copper gutters are popular these days on high-end homes. Despite a price tag of at least 100 percent more than aluminum gutters, builders and homeowners alike consider them a worthy investment. In addition to an elegant look, copper gutters can also last for as long as 100 years and don't require much maintenance.

Copper gutters work well in all types of weather. They neither rust nor rot, and they can withstand extreme temperatures. They also expand and contract with extreme temperatures which keep them from becoming brittle and breaking.

Copper's strongest selling point is its longevity. Unlike most other gutters, copper won't need to be replaced during a homeowner's lifetime. If you plan to be in a house long term, it may be worth the extra money. Even at resale, copper gutters add value, so it's important to do the math.

How Long Do Copper Gutters Last?

As mentioned earlier, copper gutters may last more than a lifetime. They are easy to clean and can take temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit without melting. In a fire they don't give off poisonous fumes.

Common Problems With Copper Gutters

The problem most frequently mentioned regarding copper gutters is oxidation. That means they tend to turn a greenish color over time from being exposed to air. Many people find the color change quite beautiful and consider it an asset to copper gutters. But thanks to many sealing products, homeowners now have a choice in the matter. The right sealant will maintain the natural copper color and shine if desired.


Unless you have gutter installation experience, it is best to hire a professional contractor to add copper gutters to your home. Copper requires special handling to protect it from skin oils, and the gutter system will require soldering with either an iron or a torch. A novice in metalwork could easily burn or stain the gutter sections during installation, and mistakes can be quite costly when working in such an expensive material. It's better to protect the investment up front.

Copper Gutter Manufacturers

Some of the better known manufacturers of copper gutter systems are A.B. Raingutters, Classic Gutters and Slate & Copper.