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Zappone Metal Shingles

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Zappone Manufacturing makes copper and aluminum shingles for commercial and residential applications. They offer two different copper shingle lines, the Zappone Copper Shingle, and the 'Tough 12', a high-tensile shingle. They also provide the Zappone Aluminum Shingle. It's produced from Series 3000 aluminum and is .020" thick. The aluminum shingle is available in a variety of colors.

Zappone uses an interlocking system that allows the shingle to expand and contract without affecting the fasteners. Zappone shingles use a shadow-cup design, which place 70% of the shingle squarely on the deck of the roof, allowing for foot traffic on the shingle for routine maintenance.

Zappone has received numerous awards for their shingles, from 'Remodeling Magazine', 'Builder Magazine', 'Builder Products', 'Home Mechanix' and the U.S. Copper Development Association.

The copper shingles have been shown to withstand 110-MPH wind, as well as ISBO specified penetration tests and class A, B, and C fire tests.

Zappone shingles can be fully recycled.


Zappone Manufacturing was founded by J. Joseph Zappone III in Spokane, Washington. Zappone started the company after touring Europe and noticing the roofing products that were designed for long-lasting abilities. Zappone insisted on very precise quality control measures in his plant and only allows shingle production for 400 roofs per year.


Zappone Manufacturing warrants their shingles for 50 years against original material and manufacturing defects. The warranty does not include damage from faulty installation, accidents, or structural problems. The warranty can be transferred and is not prorated. The warranty also protects against rust, burn or support combustion, and splits or cracks as a result of weather. The warranty excludes damage as a result of an Act of God.

Review your product warranty carefully to make sure you understand the terms.

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Contacting Zappone

Phone: 1-800-285-2677


Zappone Manufacturing
2928 North Pittsburg St.
Spokane, WA 99207