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EcoStar Shingles

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EcoStar™ manufactures a line of synthetic shingles that look like traditional slate and cedar shingles. These shingles are used on residential and commercial buildings, particularly buildings with steep slopes that require traditional roofing materials. EcoStar uses a special blend of recycled rubber and plastic to make a lightweight, durable tile as an alternative to traditional roofing materials. All EcoStar products offer Class 4 impact resistance.

EcoStar's shingles are marketed under the following brands:

  • Majestic Slate tiles are manufactured from 80 percent post-industrial recycled materials, offering an environmentally friendly, lightweight and durable alternative to traditional slate roofing products. This line is available in 11 colors.
  • Seneca Shake mimics the look of natural cedar shake in a durable synthetic form. The product is made from recycled rubber and plastic in 11 different colors, three widths and varying thicknesses.
  • Empire Slate tiles offer the features of the Majestic line in a more eco-friendly package. These products are designed to reflect the sun's thermal heat away in the hottest times of day, while helping buildings retain this heat at night. This helps to keep the building'ss energy costs low. Empire Slate tiles come in 12 colors, including three "cool" color options that feature these energy-saving benefits.


EcoStar's origins date to the 1970s when the Staroba family developed the formula for the Staroba Alloy, known as Starloy.According to the company, this is a special blend of recycled rubber and plastic at the base of the injection-molded roofing tiles the company sells today. Staroba Plastics first used its alloy to manufacture tiles in 1993. In 1998, EcoStar Inc. was launched for the exclusive sale of these tiles.

Carlisle SynTec Inc. purchased the sales and marketing divisions of EcoStar in 2001. However, in 2010 Staroba Group reacquired those divisions and rebranded the roofing division as EcoStar LLC.

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Contacting EcoStar

42 Edgewood Dr.
Holland, NY 14080

Phone: (800) 211-7170

Warranty Policy

EcoStar products come with either a transferable 50-year "Gold Star" or a limited materials warranty, as well as a 110 mph wind warranty. The warranty covers manufacturers' defects and deterioration from weathering.