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LeafGuard Gutter Guards

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The basic elements of a gutter guard are its permeability to water and its impermeability to leaves and other unwanted objects. Different guards use different strategies to achieve this goal. LeafGuard uses a fairly unique system, featuring a single curved opening through which water can enter the gutter.

About LeafGuard

LeafGuard doesn't actually make gutter guards; it makes whole gutters, which come with guards attached. The covering attaches directly to the inward side of the gutter, leaving an opening on the outward side. When water hits the top of the covering, it travels along the rounded surface and into the main gutter. Leaves and other objects fall off, but the water bends backwards.

LeafGuard's gutters are made of relatively heavy aluminum (0.032 gauge) and are attached the roof using hangers. Installation of LeafGuard gutters is usually performed by a certified technician, who will return to clean your gutters should LeafGuard fail.

The gutters come with a paint finish that resists cracking and chipping.

The paint comes in a variety of colors, including white, egg shell, cream, wicker, light grey, ivory, tan, clay, Territone, brown, Musket, and coal grey.


The gutter and the paint fall under a transferrable lifetime warranty. To activate this warranty, the homeowner purchasing the LeafGuard gutter must register online within thirty days of purchase. The "Englert LeafGuard Guarantee" also stipulates that the gutter system will not clog with any organic materials; if it does, the buyer is entitled to a free cleaning.

LeafGuard and Englert, Inc.

LeafGuard is a product of Englert, Inc., a roofing company headquartered in Perth Amboy, NJ. Englert, Inc., was founded by Herb Englert in 1966. The company focuses on integrating physical systems with sales, installation, and technical support. Englert Inc. released LeafGuard in 1993, with a comical squirrel as mascot.


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