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Gutter Protection Companies: Gutter Helmet

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The purpose of any gutter system is to keep water from damaging foundations, siding, attics, basements, and any other place that can be effected by roof run-off. Gutter Helmet® is a closed gutter system that prevents leaves and other debris from getting into drain pipes and causing gutter maintenance problems. The company uses several patented features that they claim make all parts of their system work more efficiently than other systems. These include the nose forward shape designed to let only water enter the gutters and a special finish PermaLife Finish™ offering extra protection against corrosion and fade.

Gutter Helmet holds seven patents on various aspects of their gutter system including three types of installation brackets to fit their gutters on different home styles. They also advertise that their system installs over existing gutters and that they use heavy gauge aluminum.

Popular home improvement expert, Dean Johnson endorses Gutter Helmet on many PBS stations throughout the country.


Bob Demartini designed Gutter Helmet with the idea of eliminating clogged gutters that require tedious cleaning by homeowners. As an engineering graduate of MIT, he began working on his ideas in the 1960s and put his product on the US market in 1981 after receiving his first patent. Southeastern Metals Manufacturing Co. (SEMCO), a division of Gibraltar Industries, purchased Gutter Helmet in September 2005.

Gutter Helmet's Warranty

Upon purchasing Gutter Helmet, the local dealer will provide the homeowner with a written copy of the product performance and lifetime materials warranty. Registration is required to receive warranty benefits. These benefits are transferable should you sell your home. If a warranty card isn't provided, ask your dealer and/or installer about it. You can also use the contact information below to reach the manufacturer.

Contacting Gutter Helmet

SEMCO - Southeastern Metals Mfg. Co.
11801 Industry Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32218