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Gutterglove Gutter Guards

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All of Gutterglove's gutter guards are flat stainless steel coverings for the top of a gutter. The company suggests that the mesh allows clear water but is fine enough to keep leaves, seeds, pine needles, and sand grit out of the gutter. Gutterglove also suggests that the gutter system can handle over 150" of rainfall per hour.

Gutterglove gutter guards all have relatively thick support frames, which the company suggests makes for a sturdier and longer-lasting product.

The company's main product is the Gutterglove Pro. This item is packaged in 5' segments and comes in sizes of gutters ranging from 2" to 7.5".

Other guards include Ultra, Leafblaster, and Icebreaker. The Ultra and Leafblaster are similar to the Pro, but are smaller and lighter weight (respectively). The Icebreaker is built to be particularly sturdy for houses that will be subjected to large amounts of snow. It actually contains a heating cable that melts approaching snow before it can do damage. The melt water can be collected and stored.

About Gutterglove

Before it became Gutterglove, the company was known as Commercial Gutter, and was originally a professional gutter cleaning service. It was founded by Robert Lenney and John Lewis in who later invented the Gutterglove to keep gutters clean with less human effort. The patent was approved in 2007. The company was formed in 1996 and is based in Fremont, CA.


Gutterglove comes with a 25-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Contact Information

Phone: (916) 624-5000 or (877) No-Clogg Fax: (916) 624-5029 Gutterglove 4021 Alvis Court, Suite #5 Rocklin, CA 95677