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LeafFilter Gutter Guards

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Home improvement professionals observe that water damage can weaken structural integrity, invite termite infestations and cause health problems associated with mold and mildew build-up. LeafFilter is a covered gutter apparatus that the company guarantees will never allow a gutter to clog. Built from exterior-grade PVC with a patented stainless steel filter designed to resist corrosion and prevent even the smallest particles--as tiny as 5/1000 of an inch--from entering your gutter system.

The system is driven by the XELA FilterShield, a self-cleaning filtration membrane, which the company says is composed of microfiltration holes to pull water--and only water--into your gutters at an accelerated pace. In addition, the comb-tooth form of the structure increases siphoning action, while a center I-beam reinforces the design to withstand significant debris accumulations atop the FilterShield. LeafFilter says its product can be installed over existing or new gutters, and comes in a variety of colors that, combined with an ultra-low profile design, make it blend seamlessly into your home's style.


Inventor Edward Higginbotham developed the LeafFilter more than a decade ago and won the patent for the technology in 2001. Higginbotham sold the patent to Preferred Distributing Inc., which now manufactures the product. But he retained the rights to develop products based on the same technology, using other materials.

LeafFilter's Warranty

If at any time after installation the purchaser's gutter clogs with debris to the point of overflowing, LeafFilter's warranty declares the company will refund 100 percent of the dealer's material purchase price for all LeafFilter materials installed in the buyer's home. LeafFilter will also pay a homeowner's insurance deductible, up to $1,000, should interior damage be caused by the overflow. The purchaser must complete the written copy of the warranty information within 30 days of the sale date, or any protections of the warranty are voided.

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