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Aluminum Gutters

The most commonly used material for gutters are aluminum and steel. Many homeowners and builders prefer aluminum because it remains rustproof and costs less than other types. Aluminum gutter systems are durable and can twenty or more years in a variety of climates. They also come in numerous colors and are easy to shape. Lastly, many aluminum gutters are completely seamless which means they will be highly effective in doing their job - preventing water from eroding the foundation, walkways, patios, or siding of your home.

How are aluminum gutters made?

Builders and contractors generally purchase ready-made aluminum gutter systems from roofing and siding companies. The aluminum gutters have been manufactured by sheet metal specialists. Liberty Siding is an example of a company that both manufacturers and distributes gutter systems. They buy pre-treated coiled aluminum in various weights. Workers feed the spooled coils through a rolling machine and then cut it to required lengths. Once the gutter components are put together they carefully seal all corner joints.

Common problems with aluminum gutters

Denting can be a problem with relatively lightweight aluminum gutters. Even water weight from a downpour can sometimes cause bending. Using a heavier weight in climates with more rain and snow can prevent bending problems.

Another problem is splits in the metal. Attaching aluminum gutters with hangers or clips rather than spikes allows for expansion and contraction of the metal which can prevent the problem.

Another possible problem is paint wear, since aluminum gutters now come in custom colors. When checking out aluminum gutter systems, make sure the paint comes with a warranty.

Popular Aluminum Gutter brands: