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EcoSun Solar Panels

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EcoSun solar panels are distributed and installed by EcoSun, a division of Fry Fire and Electric in southern California. Both commercial and residential applications are available. Customers looking for custom-design solar panels may benefit by work with the company's staff engineer.

Company History

EcoSun is led by Rick and Robert Fry, who are both certified electricians in California. They form the management group along with Keith Heupel, an aerospace engineer, who is also a certified electrician. All of the installers are California-certified electricians as well. The entire installation process is completed by the EcoSun team; no outside contractors are used. EcoSun solar systems are also available in Great Britain, Australia, and Ireland from other companies that distribute under that name.

Special Features of EcoSun Solar Panels

EcoSun solar panels use both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells. A solar panel is made up of many of these solar or photovoltaic (PV) cells. EcoSun solar panels have no moving parts and can pay for themselves in as little as three years, especially with tax incentives. In southern California, crystalline solar panels are the ones the company installs most frequently.

Find a Contractor to Install Solar Panels

Our free Find a Contractor tool can help you find qualified pre-screened contractors to install solar panels. Every contractor in our database has been screened for a clean credit and legal history, and has been in business for at least three years.

Maintenance of EcoSun Solar Panels

Solar panels from EcoSun require little maintenance. The company advises that customers wash the panels three or four times a year. Cleaning keeps the panels operating at maximum efficiency.

Energy Efficiency and EcoSun Solar Panels

EcoSun offers a twenty-year installation warranty. A specific warranty on the solar panels is not stated in the company information.

Contact EcoSun

Fry Fire and Electric, Incorporated
1042 North Mountain Avenue, #B167
Upland, California 91786-3695
Telephone: (909) 982-0125