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Rain Master Gutter Guards

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Gutter guards are used to keep leaves and other objects out of a house's gutters. Rain Master provides two simple options for accomplishing this goal. Both are sold primarily at Home Depot.

These gutter guards are inexpensive and reports suggest they may require more maintenance than some other systems. They are not available on Home Depot's website, but can be found in most physical Home Depot stores.

Rain Master Leaf Guard Plus Drip Edge

This product is made of flexible vinyl and has relatively large holes. It can be attached to a gutter using separately available Rain Master hooks.

Each piece is 5.25" x 0.4" x 72.0". This item comes in white and is UV-resistant.

Rain Master Flexible Gutter Guard

This item is made of flexible vinyl and has large oval-shaped holes.

The size of a single piece is 4.5" x 0.12" by 60", making it on the whole smaller than the other Rain Master product.


Home Depot's Rain Master products come with an official 'lifetime guarantee,' though the company does not make clear the specifics of this guarantee.

Other Rain Master Products and Info

Home Depot also sells Rain Master gutters, gutter ends, and gutter spouts, which come in the same color as the aforementioned gutter guards.

The Rain Master trademark is owned by the Bemis Manufacturing Company.


Bemis Manufacturing
300 Mill St.
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