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United Solar Ovonic LLC is the world's largest manufacturer of thin film amorphous solar products. In plain English, Uni-Solar makes roofing shingles that look like standard shingles, but that are actually individual solar panels. You can network these shingles together and generate electricity to power your house or sell back to your electrical grid! Uni-Solar shingles have won the prestigious Popular Science Grand Award, "Best of What's New - Environmental Technology," and Discover Magazine's "Technological Innovation Award" for best innovation.

Uni-Solar shingles do not require support structures. As there is no glass, they are almost unbreakable. They are shadow and heat tolerant. The flexible solar home roofing can be arranged like conventional asphalt shingles to blend with the existing shingles when installed. Uni-Solar products are said to deliver 20% more energy because they are less affected by temperature. Each shingle uses a technology called Triple Junction solar cells. These cells are made on a roll of stainless steel. Uni Solar shingles are sold through strategic partners and a worldwide distributor network.


United Solar Ovonic was founded in 1990. It's a company with years of experience in photovoltaics and a wholly owned subsidiary of the American company Energy Conversion Devices. United Solar Ovonic LLC is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan and recorded product sales of $18.1 million in the first fiscal quarter of 2006.


United Solar Ovonic offers a complete 5-year system warranty on its shingles and a 20-year product warranty on power output.

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Phone: (800) 843-3892


United Solar Ovonic LLC
3800 Lapeer Road
Auburn Hills, MI 48326