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Vantage Gutter Guards

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The Vantage gutter guard is a simple mesh product that allows water to pass through while keeping leaves and debris out. It will save you a little trouble with cleaning and maybe prevent your gutter, fascia, and roof from undergoing water damage.

Product Details

The Vantage 'gutter guard' is simply a mesh that you can put on top of your gutter. It is black and made from polyethylene.

There are two varieties of the Vantage mesh product. Both are 6" wide. One is 20' long; the other is 25'.

As a gutter guard, this product will keep out larger objects and probably decrease the need to clean. However, it is subject to being clogged, and it will certainly permit smaller objects to enter the gutter. Consumer reviews suggest that it may become brittle over time.

Company History

Quest Plastics Limited has been around since 1979. The company operates manufacturing facilities in Mississauga and London, Ontario. The company exports actively to the United States. Annual sales for the company fall somewhere between ten and twenty five million dollars.

Their motto is "In Quest of Excellence."

The business sells another gutter-related product called Rain Drain. Rain Drain is a piece of flexible plastic that can be unrolled and placed at the bottom of a downspout. When water comes out of the spout, Rain Drain moves it somewhere else. It prevents the pooling of water near a building, which can cause damage. A similar product, the Lawn Saver, performs a similar function but uses more rigid construction. It's a solid 24" piece of plastic.

Contact Information

Phone: (905) 270-4438

Quest Plastics, Ltd.
2475 Tedlo St.
Mississauga, Ontario
L5A 4A8