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Duracell Solar Panels

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Duracell is known for producing a large array of multi-purpose batteries. In addition to their more mainstream products, Duracell also manufactures free-standing and skylight solar panels. The company produces eight solar panels that range in power from 5 to 50 watts. Three of Duracell's solar panels come as kits, which include an extra 200 - 600 watt power pack. Duracell's solar panels are available exclusively through Lowes.

About Duracell

Duracell began operations in the early 1920s with scientist Samuel Ruben and tungsten filament manufacturer, Phillip Roger Mallory. In the in 1950's, the pair improved the alkaline manganese battery and started to produce AAA batteries for Kodak cameras. Initially, the batteries had no consumer market, but as the photography field increased in popularity - so did the demand for battery power. In 1963, the Duracell brand was introduced.

Duracell is one of the world's leading producers of alkaline batteries, and produces a large product line of all-purpose batteries, power reserves, flashlights, digital memory, and specialty batteries.

Solar Panel Features

Duracell solar panels are manufactured with tempered glass over laminated glass. Each product has a sturdy aluminum frame to support the structure.

Each of Duracell's solar panel has a different function and unique features. Some of these features include the ability to:

  • Charge cordless and cellular phones
  • Charge power packs
  • Jump Start vehicles
  • Generate power to small tools

All products include a stand, easy-connect connectors, and the ability to charge 12 volt batteries. Warranty All Duracell solar panels that are sold individually come with a 10-year warranty. Solar panels sold as a kit do not advertise a warranty.

Contact Duracell

Berkshire Corporate Park
Bethel, CT 06801

Phone: 1-800-551-2355