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ATAS (Aluminum Trim and Shapes) Shingles

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Aluminum Trim and Shapes (ATAS) offers several lines of metal shingles for commercial and residential use.


Jacobus P. Bus, a siding and trim carpenter, founded Aluminum Trim and Shapes in 1963. In 1972 he opened a manufacturing plant and began making residential home siding and commercial panels. With the expansion came the new name: ATAS Aluminum Corp. In 1985 the business moved from Rochester, N.Y., to Allentown, Pa. The company became known as ATAS International Inc. in 1995.

ACCEL Roofing Products was launched in 1999 to provide educational and marketing materials describing the benefits of metal roofing.

Product Lines

The Advanta is made from galvanized steel or copper, and was designed as an alternative to asphalt shingles. Its design simulates depth and shadows. This shingle features an embossed stucco pattern and comes in one of 16 available solid or two-tone colors.

Castle Top shingles are diamond-shape tiles that create an unusual look. They are made from aluminum, copper or zinc. They may be installed in a variety of colors to make designs.

Rumba Shake shingles are a Bermuda-style panel made from anodized aluminum, steel or 16 ounce copper. The finish is smooth and the application is designed for conventionally pitched roofs. The manufacturer notes the product can be installed over existing roofs.

The PermaShake I and II shingles have the appearance of wood shingles, but are actually steel. Unlike wood, they resist algae growth, rot and other maintenance issues associated with natural products.

Standing Seam Shingles come in aluminum or copper. They are designed to be installed in a staggered pattern to create a historic look.

Roof Repair

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Contacting ATAS

Corporate Office
6612 Snowdrift Road
Allentown, PA 18106

Phone: (800) 468-1441


ATAS offers three warranty choices for its products, which have base warranties ranging from 20 years and well beyond. They all fall under the heading of "The ATA-Protection Plan." Choices are:

  • Standard Weather Tightness: The most economical option meets all industry standard. It requires authorized ATAS roofing inspectors to evaluate and report on the condition of the roof;
  • Platinum Weather Tightness: This option covers approved trim, accessories and underlayments; ATAS-authorized inspectors must periodically check the roof and provide a final report; and
  • Platinum Plus Weather Tightness: In addition to the above conditions, this warranty level also includes coverage of labor and material on the roof installation.

As with all warranties, carefully read until you fully understand conditions.