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Chicago Electric Solar Panels

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Chicago Electric Power Systems solar panels are a brand of products manufactured for and sold by Harbor Freight Tools. Harbor Freight Tools sells solar products and other items by catalog, internet, and through their own retail outlets. These solar panels are ideal for the "do-it-yourself" consumer.

History of Chicago Electric Power Systems

Harbor Freight Tools was founded in 1968 by Alan Smidt in California. The company is based in Camarillo and also has a presence in nearby Calabasas, California. Harbor Freight has grown from Smidt selling freight-damaged tools out of a truck to a company whose sales have risen to over one billion dollars. Chicago Electric Power Systems is Harbor Freight's own exclusive line of value-priced products.

Special Features of Chicago Electric Power Systems Solar Panels

One of the Chicago Electric Power Systems solar panels offered is a forty-five watt kit. The consumer can connect the three fifteen watt panels to a twelve-volt storage battery. The battery can then be used to power one hundred twenty volt AC appliances with the assistance of a power inverter. The kit comes with outlet adaptors, battery clamps, and hardware for mounting.

A fifteen watt, twelve volt solar panel is also available from Chicago Electric Power Systems. This panel can provide energy to power an appliance or small motor. A voltage regulator must be used to prevent overcharging.

Find a Contractor to Install Solar Panels

Our free Find a Contractor tool can help you find qualified pre-screened contractors to install solar panels. Every contractor in our database has been screened for a clean credit and legal history, and has been in business for at least three years.

Maintenance of Chicago Electric Power Systems Solar Panels

Chicago Electric Power Systems solar panels should be cleaned once a month with a gentle cleanser and soft cloth. The hardware and mounting device should be checked for stability on a regular basis.

Energy Efficiency and Chicago Electric Power Systems Solar Panels

Solar panels provide clean energy for charging a battery. Solar energy is free; one downside is that solar power can be hard to obtain during persistent cloudy weather.

Chicago Electric Power Systems Solar Panel Warranty

The forty-five watt solar panel kit comes with a ninety-day limited warranty. The fifteen watt solar panel has a thirty-day replacement or refund warranty.

Contact Information

Harbor Freight Customer Service
3491 Mission Oaks Boulevard
Camarillo, California 93011-5034
Telephone: 1-800-444-3353