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Grater Gutter Guard

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The Grater Gutter Guard (G3) is a simple tool for keeping unwanted debris out of your gutter. Installing the G3 is simple and its performance is high; there's less room for debris to enter the gutter when the top is thoroughly closed.

The G3

The G3 features a bumpy metal sheet which lies over the gutter, and a flat sheet which is draped at an angle over the side. The bumps in the metal have tiny holes in them that allow water to pass through. Water gets in, leaves and and other matter stay out, and the gutter stays cleaner than it otherwise might. The guard seals to the roof and to the edge of the gutter on both sides.

This 'cheese grater' approach to gutter guarding is fairly stable, and water flow is reasonably efficient. However, small debris like grains of sand may still be able to get through the tiny holes. Occasional cleaning may still be necessary.

Both sheets are made of aluminum, which will hold up under most but not all external stressors. Extreme ice and snow may tax this system. Professional installation is available, but homeowners can also do it themselves.

Consumer and Warranty Information

The gutter guards are available in five colors: white, brown, musket brown, black, and clay.

Gutter Opportunities magazine, a supplement to Metal Roofing, named the G3 one of the top five products of 2007. The G3 also received a Members' Choice Award from Do It Best Corp.

The product comes with a 20-year limited warranty.

The Company

The Grater Gutter Guard company is located in Pettisville, OH. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Grater has a distribution agreement with Modern Builders Supply, Inc., a company that has been operating in the Midwest of the United States since 1944.

Contact Information

Grater Gutter Guard
P.O. Box 53034
Pettisville, OH 43553

Phone: (419)-885-0GGG