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Sunforce Solar Panels

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Sunforce produces and sells energy-saving solutions to retailers worldwide. The company carries a wide selection of solar panels and accessories - all with unique designs and specific functions. Although warranty terms vary by product, all Sunforce solar panels come with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

About Sunforce

Sunforce is a manufacturer and distributor of what the company calls "simple renewable energy solutions." It offers renewable energy products such as: wind turbines, inverters, solar panels, and lawn and garden products.

Established in 2005, Sunforce is a private company with more than 50 employees. It has its headquarters in Canada. The company also has corporate offices in Mexico, China, and Spain.

Specials Features of Sunforce Solar Panels

Sunforce manufactures three types of solar panels: battery maintainers, trickle chargers, and backup power.

Sunforce solar battery maintainers are used to recharge batteries and prevent them from dying in cars, SUVs, boats, ATVs or PWC (personal water craft) from dying. All Sunforce battery maintainers are 12 volts and work in all daylight conditions.

Sunforce produces five easy to install and maintenance free chargers. These products are compatible with boats, RVs, electric fences, and some models work well in remote areas.

Ranging from 15 to 170 watts, Sunforce has a diverse selection of solar panels for backup power. The product line includes a variety of different textures and materials for better light absorption, including: polycrystalline, monocrystalline, and amorphous solar panels. The higher-watt solar panels are suitable for homes, RVs, back-up, and remote use.

Find a Contractor to Install Solar Panels

Our free Find a Contractor tool can help you find qualified pre-screened contractors to install solar panels. Every contractor in our database has been screened for a clean credit and legal history, and has been in business for at least three years.


Sunforce offers a satisfaction guaranteed warranty with every solar panel. Warranties are either one, five, or 25 years depending on the product.

Contact Sunforce

Sunforce Products Inc.
9015 Avon #2017
Montreal West

Tel: 514-989-2100
Toll-free: +1 888-478-6435