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Amerimax Gutter Guards

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Some people use gutter guards to keep leaves and other debris out of their gutters. These products can decrease the frequency and hassle of gutter cleaning. Amerimax, a company which makes gutters and other drainage products, offers a few types of gutter guards for sale.

About Amerimax

Amerimax is a subdivision of Euramax, a company that makes a wide variety of metal housing products. Euramax was founded in 1996 and began its growth by acquiring an aluminum company.

Amerimax Home Products was founded in 1946 and focuses on rainwater drainage. Its sister companies are Amerimax Building Products and Amerimax Windows & Doors.

Gutter Guard Options

Most of Amerimax's gutter guards contain some amount of mesh to allow rainwater into the gutter. Some of the products are simple mesh rolls designed to be manually unfolded and attached to the gutter. This installation requires the homeowner to set up support arcs on their gutters in order to hold the mesh in place.

Other gutter guards are hardened into a prepared shape - usually convex - and can be installed directly. Some of these are simple mesh and others alternate mesh with solid metal.

Amerimax also makes a solid gutter guard set up to allow water in at its edges. This is the most complex of their products and requires capping at both ends.

Some of the products snap onto the gutter, while others need to be attached using special clips. Most products come with color options: either black and grey or white and brown.


Amerimax gutter guards are guaranteed to be intact at the time of purchase. This is the extent of their warranty policy.


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