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Leafproof® Gutter Protection System

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Leafproof is a gutter cover system made from aluminum that is used to keep birds, small animals, and natural debris from getting into gutters. The Leafproof gutter covers prevent clogs and make gutters more efficient and easier to maintain.

Leafproof products install under the first row of shingles and attach to the lip of the gutter so that no screws or nails are necessary, and the roof is protected from punctures. The company also points out that their installation method makes the covers less visible from below so that a home's appearance isn't compromised.

The Leafproof system uses what they call the patented "S" bend which lets the gutter cover remain level and slows the flowing water more than if the cover were sloped. The "S" bend further slows the water by reversing its flow into the channel and the gutter. The Leafproof system is designed to handle America's heaviest recorded rainfall of 11 inches.

Homeowners may also purchase Leafproof's patent-pending ChannelGuard. This optional component, called a "debris fence", is designed to keep small leaves, needles, and seeds in addition to larger substances from entering the gutters.

The Leafproof system can cost more than other gutter systems. According to the company, the extra expense is a result of cutting the covers into four-foot sections which constitutes a custom installation. They find this necessary since it goes under rather than on top of roofing shingles. Dealers are located across the country, and you'll find them via the web or your phone book.


Leafproof products come with a lifetime guarantee. We urge you to read the warranty information before purchasing any product, including Leafproof. Make sure that you understand all the exclusions. Request a copy from the dealer and make sure that he or she answers all of your questions.

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Phone: 402-758-1292 or 888-531-5323 toll free