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Gutter Genius Gutter Guards

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Gutter protection products are intended to prevent leaves and debris from entering and clogging gutters and drain pipes. This helps to keep rooftop water drainage from damaging a home, including foundations, siding or home interiors. Gutter Genius works based on the principle of surface tension: rainwater running off the edge of the rooftop rolls into the curved edge of the aluminum panel, while debris slides over the edge of the gutter and to the ground.

Product Lines

Gutter Genius is constructed from heavy-duty solid aluminum and offers an unobtrusive profile that's barely visible from the street. Gutter Genius can handle capacities of up to 8 inches of rain per hour. Prices start at $4 per foot, depending on the condition of the home's existing gutters and downspouts. Gutter Genius works without applying any screws or nails to roofs, and according to the company, typically performs better than most of the national brands while costing less than half the price. Gutter Genius also offers a do-it-yourself product called Gutter Genius DIY. It can be installed with minimal tools; only a flat-head screwdriver and tin snips or scissors are necessary. Over 250,000 Gutter Genius DIY systems have been sold.


Gutter Genius' history began over 25 years ago when George Elko filed a patent for a solid metal gutter cover in 1982. This product was originally known as the "GuttaGard," and was sold throughout North America through television, catalogs, contractors, hardware stores and other retailers. GuttaGard was acquired by Tim Staub in 2004, who then created a new company, Gutter Genius. A new gutter cover product was developed and patented over a two-year period and released first in Virginia. There are currently owners of Gutter Genius franchises in New York, Michigan, North Carolina and South Carolina as well.

Gutter Genius' Warranty

Gutter Genius offers a one-year unconditional money-back guarantee (the only one in the industry), and a 20-year limited manufacturer's warranty. Further, Gutter Genius has a fully transferrable lifetime performance warranty that covers clogs, wind damage, hail damage, damage from tree limbs, and fire. As a part of this guarantee, Gutter Genius offers a free removal of the Gutter Genius system before re-roofing, as well as a free reinstallation when the roof is complete.

How to Contact Gutter Genius

Gutter Genius LLC
P.O. Box 73207
Richmond, VA 23235
1-888-OUR-GENIUS (1-888-687-4364)
Phone: (804) 379-0002
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