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Imerys Tile Shingles

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Imerys Roof Tiles makes and distributes clay tiles. The company claims that clay tiles are long-lasting and resistant to acid rain, fire, and a variety of weather conditions.

Imerys produces more than 40 different tiles.


Imerys Toiture Group was founded in 1999. By 2002 they were selling roofing tiles in twenty-six countries, including the US.

Imerys' Warranty

Imerys roof tiles are guaranteed for 30 years and are covered by company insurance. For more information, please contact their export service. Before purchasing any product, you should fully understand the terms and conditions of its warranties.

Roof Repair

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Contacting Imerys

Phone: 0033.


Service Export
Site industriel de Quincieux
ZI BP 47
69 650 QUINCIEUX (France)