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Isofoton Solar Panels

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Isofoton is a Spanish solar company and the fifth largest solar product manufacturer in the world. Isofoton's solar modules cover a range of solar electric power applications. Their solar modules are used in water pumping, communications, outdoor lighting, remote area electrification, recreational vehicles, and more.


Isofoton was founded in 1981 in Malaga, Spain. They began to manufacture photovoltaic cells from silicon wafers. Isofoton has grown rapidly in the last ten years. Energy Outfitters distributes Isofoton products in the U.S.

Photovoltaic (PV) Product Lines

Isofoton manufactures photovoltaic cells, solar modules, and laminates. Their solar modules cover a wide range of modules from 5 to 165 W. They also make customized panels. The most popular models are the 110 W, 150 W, and 165 W.

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Isofoton guarantees the power output of its solar modules as follows:

  • 90% power output for 10 years from date of delivery to first purchaser or 11 years from date of supply;
  • 83% power output for 20 years from date of delivery to first purchaser or 21 years from date of supply;
  • 80% power output for 25 years from date of delivery to first purchaser or 26 years from date of supply.
In addition to the above, there is a 10-year warranty against material defects and fabrication under normal use. Interconnection cables, which are optional, are not included in this warranty. If Isofoton supplies these cables with the module, then the warranty for the cables will be four years from date of delivery to first purchaser or five years from the date of supply.

Contacting Isofoton

Phone: +34 91 531 26 25


Isofoton Headquarters
C/ Montalban
9 28014 Madrid, Spain