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MasterShield Gutter Guards

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Gutter guards save homeowners the trouble of frequent gutter cleaning by protecting gutters from leaves and debris. They are usually simple devices that can be highly effective. MasterShield makes one such device.

About the Gutter Guard

MasterShield's gutter guard is a ridged piece of steel that lies flat on top of the gutter. Leaves and other objects slide off the top, while water falls through filters located in between ridges. The filter system keeps out very small particles. It also causes water to flow through the whole gutter, decreasing the chances that bees or birds will inhabit the gutter.

The steel sheet can be installed underneath the first layer of shingles on the roof and does not need to be attached directly. The surface itself has non-stick qualities, which causes the debris to fall off easily.

The gutter guard also comes with a technology called HydroVortex, which siphons water through a filter. This effect increases the speed with which the water moves off the surface of the guard. It also enables the guard to retain some functionality at all angles.

MasterShield can be aligned with the angle of the roof, and is hard to see from the ground. It comes in 14 different colors.

About MasterShield

Master Shield Gutter Protection results from a long period of gutter guard research by an inventor named Alex Higginbotham. He first invented a self-cleaning gutter in 1999. Improvements on this design lead him to invent a gutter guard that added filtration to the self-cleaning function.


The product comes with a warranty that gutters will not clog. A separate warranty covers bird and bee nesting. The finish, called SPX 5000, is guaranteed not to fade, crack, or peel for 20 years. The company will come and replace any gutter that proves defective.

The warranty is transferable should the home be sold.


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