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San Diego Roofing Contractors

There are 71 Roofing Contractors in San Diego, CA.

This is the San Diego Roofing Contractor directory at Do you need to find a contractor to repair or replace your roof in San Diego? In addition to roofs, these contractors may also work on gutters, downspouts, siding, sheet metal, roof insulation, and waterproofing.

Pick one of the roofers below to view a list of their services, read reviews from past homeowner clients, see where they are located in California, and find out how to request a roofing quote.

A and E Roofing
650 64th Street
San Diego, CA 92114-2803
(619) 251-9250
Marshall Roofing
Egger Highlands
San Diego, CA 92112
(619) 670-4753
A Preman Roofing
875 34th Street
San Diego, CA 92102-3331
(619) 276-1700
Matthew Buentiempo
3486 Kurtz Street Suite 103B
San Diego, CA 92110-4429
(619) 300-8782
A1 All American Roofing Company
7414 Trade Street Suite B
San Diego, CA 92121-3403
(858) 537-5177
Michael K Webb
6220 Marindustry Drive 8
San Diego, CA 92121-2500
(858) 457-4110
A1 Winner Roofing
10452 Orozco Road
San Diego, CA 92124-1016
(858) 292-8158
Mobile Screen Gutter Service Com
6274 Lake Shore Drive
San Diego, CA 92119-3043
(619) 787-2418
Ace American Insurance Company
9095 Rio San Diego Drive Suite 350
San Diego, CA 92108-1681
(619) 521-8553
Moreno Roofing
2686 Island Avenue
San Diego, CA 92102-3032
(619) 279-9205
Admiral Roofing
5360 Burford Street
San Diego, CA 92111-4602
(858) 384-6600
Nieder Construction
2436 Frankfort Street
San Diego, CA 92110-3311
(619) 276-0863
Alfred Kehoe
10841 Sandy Hook Road
San Diego, CA 92126-2521
(858) 549-7988
Nolanco Roofing
4522 Niagara Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107-2946
(619) 212-6645
All Seasons Enterprises
7847 Dunbrook Road Suite D
San Diego, CA 92126-6305
(858) 530-2609
Pacific Coast Sheet Metal
1112 Kelton Road
San Diego, CA 92114-1224
(619) 250-7400
Allan Roof Repair
4459 Verley Court
San Diego, CA 92117-3022
(619) 847-9535
Paradise Roofing Company
6622B Bell Bluff Avenue
San Diego, CA 92119-1106
(619) 582-0109
Altec Roofing
4272 Gila Avenue
San Diego, CA 92117-4636
(619) 871-3112
Precision Roofing
3742 Mount Acadia Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92111-4008
(858) 278-0060
Altek Roofing
3776 10th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103-4444
(619) 871-3112
Professionally Done Roofing
4178 34th Street
San Diego, CA 92104-2185
(619) 997-9069
Anemos Enterprises
12464 Brickellia Street
San Diego, CA 92129-4156
(858) 538-3801
Progressive Roofing
7922 Ostrow Street
San Diego, CA 92111-3605
(805) 486-2111
Bernard L Russell Roofing
6384 Camino Corto
San Diego, CA 92120-3108
(619) 697-1024
Roof RX San Diego North
3830 Valley Centre Drive
San Diego, CA 92130-3320
(858) 449-9446
Calco Roofing
6602 Sunny Brae Drive
San Diego, CA 92119-2959
(619) 464-2747
Roofing & Restoration
2575 Old Quarry Road
San Diego, CA 92108-2737
(619) 641-3060
Celadon Roofing
17511 Matinal Drive
San Diego, CA 92127-1239
(858) 212-9243
Roofing Services International
8285 Buckhorn Street
San Diego, CA 92111-2401
(858) 278-7200
Clairmont Roofing Company
San Diego 92117
San Diego, CA 92101
(858) 483-7345
Rooflife Management
9975 Businesspark Avenue C
San Diego, CA 92131-1173
(800) 834-9360
Douglas Roofing
4736 Pescadero Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107-3541
(619) 223-4163
7905 Silverton Avenue Suite 112
San Diego, CA 92126-6346
(858) 922-5903
Eberhard Benton Roofing
3691 Hancock Street
San Diego, CA 92110-4312
(619) 291-6340
San Diego Pro Roofing
4817 Santa Monica Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107-2850
(619) 202-6933
Evergreen Shingle Recovery
7887 Dunbrook Road Suite D
San Diego, CA 92126-4382
(619) 990-3657
San Diego Roofing
2811 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116-1402
(619) 280-1000
Excalibur Roofing Service
4308 Falcon Street
San Diego, CA 92103-1314
(619) 299-9125
Scripps Ranch Pro Roofing
10085 Carroll Canyon Road
San Diego, CA 92131-1138
(858) 496-7670
Exterior Experts
5694 Mission Center Road
San Diego, CA 92108-4355
(619) 502-1717
Sequoia Roofing
16466 Bernardo Center Drive Suite 116
San Diego, CA 92128-2508
(858) 487-0033
Gold Stars Roofing
11255 Pabellon Circle
San Diego, CA 92124-2202
(619) 871-0832
Shake Shingle & Roll Roofing
4655 Ruffner Street Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92111-2226
(858) 278-7791
Good-Men Roofing & Construction
3940 Hancock Street Suite 220
San Diego, CA 92110-6258
(619) 221-0873
Specialist Roof Company
3942 Valeta Street Unit 250
San Diego, CA 92110-5806
(619) 823-7893
Gregory Rodriguez Roofing
7255 Beagle Street
San Diego, CA 92111-4207
(858) 279-7226
Stanich Roofing
5937 Cumberland Street
San Diego, CA 92139-3114
(619) 470-2930
Gutter Depot
13090 Wimberly Square Unit 57
San Diego, CA 92128-4096
(760) 737-8989
Step Up Roofing
2942 Mission Village Drive
San Diego, CA 92123-3212
(858) 525-1268
Honor Guard Roofing
6430 Glenroy Street
San Diego, CA 92120-2714
(619) 229-9112
Steve Schuppert Roofing
8155 Blue Lake Drive
San Diego, CA 92119-3327
(619) 203-2938
Hopson Roofing Company
289 Sychar Road
San Diego, CA 92114-5940
(619) 247-3688
Tin Roof
401 G Street
San Diego, CA 92101-6921
(619) 515-8700
JCN Roofing
3741 Warner Street
San Diego, CA 92106-3246
(619) 223-6854
Tinmen Contracting
9450 Candida Street
San Diego, CA 92126-4542
(858) 547-8040
Jeremiah Nolan Roofing
4522 Niagara Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107-2946
(619) 212-6645
Tony Rosetti
10606 Camino Ruiz Suite 8
San Diego, CA 92126-3263
(858) 484-4790
Jose M Castro
4349 Twain Avenue
San Diego, CA 92120-3403
(619) 283-7113
Top Line Roofing
11315 Rancho Bernardo Road Suite 143
San Diego, CA 92127-1464
(858) 613-5242
Kennedy Roofing
722 30th Place
San Diego, CA 92102-3209
(619) 229-1401
Tracy Nethersole
3670 41st Street
San Diego, CA 92105-3315
(619) 280-4165
Lifetime Showerpans
4086 36th Street
San Diego, CA 92104-2305
(760) 724-1352
Victor P Roofing
18764 Cmnito Cntilena 1
San Diego, CA 92128
(619) 316-2550
Logsdon Seamless Rain Gutters
6205 Fairmount Avenue
San Diego, CA 92120-3301
(619) 265-2626
Walford Tim Roofing
10699 San Dego Mission Road
San Diego, CA 92108-2411
(619) 992-7508
Louis A Scheuer Roofing Specialist
PO Box 421483
San Diego, CA 92142
(858) 279-7663
West Coast Roofing
12225 World Trade Drive E
San Diego, CA 92128-3767
(858) 487-4300
Luis M Lara
2707 Congress Street Suite 1K
San Diego, CA 92110-2764
(619) 295-1811
William Kennedy
722 30th Place
San Diego, CA 92102-3209
(619) 229-1401
Mark Oneil
2337 Grand Avenue
San Diego, CA 92109-4730
(619) 276-7663

About San Diego Roofing

Long periods of warm sunny weather in San Jose and the infrequent, but not absent, cooler nights and snowfall make clay tiles a popular roofing solution for San Jose residents. Clay tiles, available in a variety of colors, keep buildings cool in warm weather and offer some insulation against a cold spell as well. Metal roofs are also a good choice for the climate of San Jose, and asphalt tiles, which are damaged easily by hot temperatures, are probably the least practical.

Special Considerations for Roofs in San Jose

The historic downtown area of San Jose showcases buildings from the late 19th century, the city's earliest skyscrapers, and other historic architecture reflecting its Spanish antecedents. Some exquisite specimens are the Italianate Oldfellows Building and the La Rosa Pharmacy.

The city of San Jose has about 46 skyscrapers. The tallest of these is a residential condominium building constructed in 2008 called The 88. The San Jose City Hall, the Sobrato Office Tower, the San Jose Marriot, and the Fairmont Plaza are the next in line.

High-rise buildings are generally defined as those that stand 150 feet or higher in height with at least 12 floors. Rooftop equipment on high-rises, whether mechanical, electrical, communications or emergency related, must not be visible, but rather should be tucked away into the roof out of sight. Vents, exhaust fans, and other equipment should not be laid haphazardly. Signage and advertisements atop roofs should jell with the architecture in size and design and not be an eyesore. Roofs and overhangs of tall buildings are not to intrude over the property line and have to be constructed of reliable, good quality material.

Roofer Licensing in San Jose

In order to contract a construction job that is valued at $500 or more for labor in California, it is necessary to hold a California Contractors License. The Contractor State License Board issues speciality licenses for about 43 different types of jobs including roofing. At the end of the licensing course, candidates are required to pass an exam held by the Board.

Unusual Roofs in San Jose

San Jose International Airport sports a patterned glass roof supported by a structure of columns and curved beams. The design is achieved without any visible cross bracing which makes it a remarkable feat of engineering. Another strikingly unusual roof belongs atop the San Jose City Hall Rotunda designed by Richard Meier. This roof is a massive glass dome through which the sun floods the building with daylight.

Rooftop Dining in San Jose

San Jose is a sparkling city in the Bay Area located south of San Francisco with a vibrant multi-cultural flavour incorporating the best of chic city life with an elegant historic ambience. Rooftop dining can be found in many tucked away terraces in downtown San Jose, often in the most unlikely spots. The Loft Bar and Bistro on Second Street offers American cuisine in its stylish rooftop patio. The Rooftop Cafe on Winchester Blvd is another option.

Typical Climate in San Jose

San Jose lies amid mountain ranges and this location imparts a semi arid climate in the region. Average day time temperatures range between 42 and 49 degrees Fahrenheit in winter with below freezing night time temperatures and may rise to above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. San Jose enjoys a great deal of sunshine almost all year round with light rainfall around January, April, May and October for about 50 days a year. Long, warm summer sunshine can affect certain types of roofs such as asphalt shingles, which can crack and chip in the heat. Later, these cracks can retain moisture when it rains and cause damage to the building below.