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Detroit Roofing Contractors

There are 27 Roofing Contractors in Detroit, MI.

This is the Detroit Roofing Contractor directory at Do you need to find a contractor to repair or replace your roof in Detroit? In addition to roofs, these contractors may also work on gutters, downspouts, siding, sheet metal, roof insulation, and waterproofing.

Pick one of the roofers below to view a list of their services, read reviews from past homeowner clients, see where they are located in Michigan, and find out how to request a roofing quote.

AAA Quality Roofing and Construction
5966 Philip Street
Detroit, MI 48224-2948
(313) 704-1515
JHI Co Roofing Siding & Gutters
14804 Stahelin Avenue
Detroit, MI 48223-2219
(313) 493-0926
American Modern Roofing
14916 Schaefer Highway
Detroit, MI 48227-3640
(313) 934-0682
Jimmy Patterson Roofing Company
14932 Wilshire Drive
Detroit, MI 48213-1942
(313) 521-2172
Best Roofing
16764 Fielding Street
Detroit, MI 48219-3377
(313) 384-9772
Lipke Roofing Service Lawrence
4079 University Place
Detroit, MI 48224-1469
(313) 885-7687
Bright Roofing and Sheet Metal Company
2833 15th Street
Detroit, MI 48216-1198
(313) 963-7733
Metal Design Manufacturing
17891 Ryan Road
Detroit, MI 48212-1121
(313) 893-9810
Colby Company
6499 Woodmont Avenue
Detroit, MI 48228-3774
(313) 582-5139
Milts Affordable Roofing
18078 Sussex Street
Detroit, MI 48235-2834
(313) 836-0869
Daco Construction
8325 E Jefferson Avenue Suite 20
Detroit, MI 48214-2797
(313) 822-6270
Ochoas Roofing
8048 Chamberlain Street
Detroit, MI 48209-1968
(313) 529-1630
Dennis Anderson
2466 Taylor Street
Detroit, MI 48206-2064
(313) 595-1377
Parr's Home Repair
486 Ashland Street
Detroit, MI 48215-3122
(313) 822-3641
Elias Siding
16011 Knight
Detroit, MI 48239-3605
(313) 531-2072
PD Roofing & Painting
13832 Joseph Campau Street
Detroit, MI 48212-1632
(313) 893-7077
Eric Snell
14611 Winthrop Street
Detroit, MI 48227-4100
(313) 424-2970
Pete's Roofing
6632 W Fort Street
Detroit, MI 48209-2909
(313) 841-2586
Gus Roofing
9136 Lafayette Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48209-1763
(313) 554-2004
Robinson Global Construction Group
4330 Balfour Road
Detroit, MI 48224-3442
(313) 333-6218
Hicks' Roofing Company
19755 Rutherford Street
Detroit, MI 48235-2351
(313) 838-5500
The Fred Christen & Sons Company
12830 Mansfield Street
Detroit, MI 48227-1240
(313) 837-1420
Hollywoood Roofing
12307 Graciot
Detroit, MI 48205
(313) 629-2777
W3 Construction Company
3031 W Grand Boulevard Suite 621
Detroit, MI 48202-3064
(313) 875-8000
J. & J. Roofing
5737 Chatsworth Street
Detroit, MI 48224-3212
(313) 574-7466
Water Proof Roofing
19640 Yacama Road
Detroit, MI 48203-1611
(313) 220-1343
James Smelser Roofing
13513 E 7 Mile Road
Detroit, MI 48205-2255
(313) 372-7784

About Detroit Roofing

Roofers provide homeowners and businesses with important services. Construction of solid roofs for new buildings is one specialty that makes their trade invaluable, but there are also numerous smaller tasks roofing contractors perform. While some homeowners will be able to do minor roof work, any major work often requires the skills of roofing contractors. Roof inspection, maintenance, repair and upgrading are all jobs roofers are specially trained to do. Roofers' specialties often depend on what types of buildings they work on and what kinds of environmental wear and tear are common in their area.

How Climate Impacts Detroit's Roofs

Detroit has very distinct seasons, each bringing new challenges to roofing contractors. Its summers are generally hot and humid and its winters are cold and windy. Winter also brings heavy snowfall, with an average of 45 inches of snow a year. Snow and ice are a major factor in roof damage during the winter. Many roofing contractors will provide ice removal services to prevent more costly repairs from ice damage. During rainy summers, roofers may also remove rotting leaves from roofs and gutters to prevent roof damage.

Roofing Contractors Associations in Detroit

Some roofers in Detroit belong to the National Roofing Contractors Association. This national organization supports its members by providing them with up-to-date information about the roofing trade, establishing industry standards, and providing them with networking and business opportunities. The group also provides consumers with information on the roofing industry, including information on how to choose a reliable roofing contractor.

The Southeastern Michigan Roofing Contractors Association (SMRCA) is another group to which Detroit contractors can apply for membership. This group serves the interest and needs of local roofers as well as providing the general public with information about the roofing industry. The organization also has an apprentice program, which is supported by its members and the Roofers Union. More information about the SMRCA and its offerings can be attained by calling 586-759-2140

Rooftop Energy Gathering in Detroit

Detroit's production of sustainable energy products is boosting its industry. One company in this market is United Solar Ovonic, located in the suburbs of Detroit. The company produces a number of rooftop solar energy harvesting systems, including solar shingles, which eliminate the need for large solar panels and replace traditional roofing shingles.

Unusual Roofs in Detroit

The Comerica Tower in downtown Detroit has a unique roof that is recognizable for miles around. The 43-story office building was designed by architects John Burgee and Philip Johnson. Its most notable feature is the four Flemish gothic style-inspired spires. Between the spires are eight sides of the pitched roof. The roof supports one of the biggest roof-based gantry cranes in the world, from which a window-washer platform hangs.

The Joe Louis Arena, also located in downtown Detroit, features the city's largest "green" roof, with over 6000 square feet of vegetation and 12 species of plants. The goal of The Detroit People Mover, the transportation company that owns the building, is to reduce carbon emissions, increase oxygen production, and create a more energy efficient building.