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Montana Roofing Contractors

Choose a Montana municipality to view the roofing contractors doing business near you. The cities with the most locations are highlighted at the top of the list. Services offered by roofing contractors may vary. However, just about all Montana roofers will handle reroofing, roof leak repair, roofing construction, shingle installation, and gutter repairs.

Also, continue below to read about the matters that concern Montanan roofers and homeowners the most, including licensing, roof types, and problems specific to roofs in MT.

There are 213 Roofing Contractors in the State of Montana (MT).
Belgrade (7 locations) Butte (6 locations) Kalispell (18 locations)
Billings (32 locations) Great Falls (20 locations) Laurel (8 locations)
Bozeman (16 locations) Helena (13 locations) Missoula (15 locations)
Anaconda (1 location) Havre (2 locations) Roundup (1 location)
Big Arm (1 location) Lewistown (1 location) Saint Ignatius (1 location)
Big Sky (2 locations) Libby (3 locations) Sidney (2 locations)
Big Timber (2 locations) Livingston (2 locations) Somers (1 location)
Bigfork (1 location) Lolo (4 locations) Stanford (1 location)
Bonner (1 location) Loma (2 locations) Stevensville (1 location)
Clancy (1 location) Manhattan (2 locations) Three Forks (1 location)
Clinton (2 locations) Miles City (2 locations) Trout Creek (1 location)
Columbia Falls (6 locations) Norris (1 location) Vaughn (1 location)
East Helena (2 locations) Noxon (1 location) Victor (3 locations)
Fairfield (1 location) Park City (1 location) Whitefish (3 locations)
Florence (3 locations) Polson (3 locations) Whitehall (2 locations)
Frenchtown (2 locations) Red Lodge (1 location) Wilsall (1 location)
Glasgow (1 location) Rexford (1 location) Wyola (1 location)
Hamilton (4 locations) Ronan (2 locations)
Montana Roofing Contractors by County:
Big Horn County (1) Jefferson County (3) Ravalli County (11)
Carbon County (1) Judith Basin County (1) Richland County (2)
Cascade County (21) Lake County (7) Sanders County (2)
Chouteau County (2) Lewis & Clark County (14) Silver Bow County (6)
Custer County (2) Lewis and Clark County (1) Stillwater County (1)
Deer Lodge County (1) Lincoln County (4) Sweet Grass County (2)
Fergus County (1) Madison County (1) Teton County (1)
Flathead County (29) Missoula County (24) Valley County (1)
Gallatin County (28) Musselshell County (1) Yellowstone County (40)
Hill County (2) Park County (3)

If a Montana roofing company is missing from the directory, please contact us with the location.

About Montana Roofing

As modern style infiltrates Montana through an influx of urban residents from across the country, there's a growth in style modifications in the state. Add to this the roofing concerns spurred by varying weather conditions, and general wear and tear-related modifications, and the roofing industry in Montana is fertile ground.

Typical Climate In Montana

Montana is separated quite distinctly by the continental divide. The western part of the state is generally milder than the east, particularly in winter, where extreme cold can engulf the region--note the all-time low for the continental United States: -70 degrees at Rogers Pass in 1954. Statewide, the daily highs average 27 degrees in January and 85 degrees in July. Chinook winds whipping off the eastern Rocky Mountains during winter can drastically drop temperatures as much as 50 degrees within minutes. Great Falls, in Central Montana, averages about 15 inches of rain a year, though snowfall approaches 60 inches there annually.

Common Roofing Issues In Montana

Ice dams are a particular problem in cold weather areas like Montana, occurring when snow melts and runs down the roof, refreezing when it reaches the edge of the roof and gutter. The peak of a roof will be its hottest point, as direct sunlight and the hot air rising inside boosts the temperature. As such, snow runs down until it gets to the freezing gutter, which re-ices the snow. When enough accumulation occurs, the eventual melting will have nowhere to go except in the crevasses of the roof, thus leading to water damage.

Licensing In Montana

All construction contractors and subcontractors must register with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, if they have employees. Those contractors without employees may register, but are not required to do so. The registration for contractors costs $53 and is good for two years. Also, while membership isn't required, the state does have a trade association, the Montana Roofing Contractors Association. This association supervises a voluntary certification as a means of self-regulation with the goal of enhancing consumer confidence. Individuals can be certified for residential, commercial or both segments.

Energy Efficient Roofs In Montana

ENERGY STAR doesn't list any roofing partners in Montana. However, any roofing company should be able to explain the energy benefits of their particular mode(s) of installation.

Unusual Roofs In Montana

Many of the famous buildings in Montana are old, heading back to the ghost towns made famous in the state's history. Modern developments, however, seem to blend that chunky wood style of yesteryear with asymmetrical peaks and textured roofs, such as the Bozeman Visitors Center.