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North Dakota Roofing Contractors

Choose a North Dakota municipality to view the roofing contractors doing business near you. The cities with the most locations are highlighted at the top of the list. Services offered by roofing contractors may vary. However, just about all North Dakota roofers will handle reroofing, roof leak repair, roofing construction, shingle installation, and gutter repairs.

Also, continue below to read about the matters that concern North Dakotan roofers and homeowners the most, including licensing, roof types, and problems specific to roofs in ND.

There are 110 Roofing Contractors in the State of North Dakota (ND).
Bismarck (19 locations) Grand Forks (9 locations) Mandan (11 locations)
Fargo (13 locations) Jamestown (4 locations) Minot (8 locations)
Aneta (1 location) Harvey (1 location) Souris (1 location)
Baldwin (1 location) Killdeer (1 location) Thompson (3 locations)
Bottineau (1 location) Kramer (1 location) Valley City (3 locations)
Bowman (1 location) Lidgerwood (1 location) Walcott (1 location)
Devils Lake (3 locations) Linton (2 locations) Watford City (1 location)
Dickinson (4 locations) New England (1 location) West Fargo (3 locations)
Dodge (2 locations) New Town (1 location) Williston (4 locations)
Enderlin (2 locations) North River (1 location) Zeeland (1 location)
Flasher (1 location) Oakes (1 location)
Granville (2 locations) Riverdale (1 location)
North Dakota Roofing Contractors by County:
Barnes County (3) Hettinger County (1) Ransom County (2)
Bottineau County (3) McHenry County (2) Richland County (2)
Bowman County (1) McIntosh County (1) Stark County (4)
Burleigh County (20) McKenzie County (1) Stutsman County (4)
Cass County (17) McLean County (1) Ward County (8)
Dickey County (1) Morton County (12) Wells County (1)
Dunn County (3) Mountrail County (1) Williams County (4)
Emmons County (2) Nelson County (1)
Grand Forks County (12) Ramsey County (3)

If a North Dakota roofing company is missing from the directory, please contact us with the location.

About North Dakota Roofing

Be it leaks after a major snowfall or general wear and tear, roofing contractors are a necessary industry in North Dakota. A good place to look for one is the Associated General Contractors of North Dakota. Founded in 1950, the group touts a safety focus as well as requires member companies to uphold industry standards and pledge fair and honorable dealings with those who contract their services.

Typical Climate In North Dakota

With moderately warm summers and very cold winters, North Dakota can see wide variations in weather. One thing the state doesn't deal with often, however, is rainfall, encountering annual drought periods. Annual averages range from 7 degrees in January to 69 degrees in July. While annual rainfall is about 17 inches, snowfall tops 40 inches each year, with extremes in parts of the state.

Common Roofing Issues In North Dakota

The main issue in North Dakota is snowfall. The state building code includes guidelines for roofing issues, and an inspector will examine building designs to make sure a roof is built to the recommended strength for the location. This issue relates more to commercial roofs than residential, for which roofs are designed to handle 30 pounds of snow per square foot. The typical flat-top roofs of commercial buildings pose more of a problem. An architectural engineer from the region notes that to prevent this, businesses will often work with engineers and architects to develop roofs designed for the snow load expected in specific locations. They take into account designs that give different parts of the roof varying elevations, which could lead to heavier loads on some areas due to drifting snow, and structure the roof accordingly.

Licensing In North Dakota

Contractors must have a license in North Dakota to work on any job costing $2,000 or more. There are four classes of contractors' licenses in the state, based on maximum contract amount. However, contractors don't need to take the exam to get a license. They do, however, need to prove they don't owe any taxes and that they have workers' compensation and liability insurance. Licenses are good for one year and, though the application asks for the main type of work the business provides, contractors aren't limited to that type of business. In North Dakota, roofing and siding are paired as a single classification.

Legal Issues And Complaints

The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota reported that roofing contractors were the seventh largest target of complaints to the bureau in 2007. Complaints can, however, venture beyond the state. A North Dakota resident sued a Pennsylvania company for selling defective shingles and sought class-action status for his complaint, which asked for a total of $5 million in damages and covered suits in 15 states.

Unusual Roofs In North Dakota

It's now a bar, but the Peacock Alley Bar & Grill in Bismarck is built in what was the lobby of the old Patterson Hotel. Constructed in 1910, by 1920 the hotel had become a haven for the rich and famous, from President Theodore Roosevelt to Al Jolson to, in its later years, Joe Louis. The hotel is part of North Dakota's legacy, from rumors of underground alcohol running during prohibition to political wheeling and dealing that led to its being perceived as an extension of the capitol.