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South Dakota Roofing Contractors

Choose a South Dakota municipality to view the roofing contractors doing business near you. The cities with the most locations are highlighted at the top of the list. Services offered by roofing contractors may vary. However, just about all South Dakota roofers will handle reroofing, roof leak repair, roofing construction, shingle installation, and gutter repairs.

Also, continue below to read about the matters that concern South Dakotan roofers and homeowners the most, including licensing, roof types, and problems specific to roofs in SD.

There are 144 Roofing Contractors in the State of South Dakota (SD).
Aberdeen (5 locations) Sioux Falls (26 locations) Tea (4 locations)
Pierre (4 locations) Spearfish (3 locations) Watertown (4 locations)
Rapid City (26 locations) Sturgis (3 locations) Yankton (7 locations)
Alcester (2 locations) Hartford (1 location) Northville (1 location)
Black Hawk (1 location) Hill City (1 location) Oldham (1 location)
Brandon (2 locations) Hot Springs (2 locations) Philip (1 location)
Brookings (2 locations) Huron (1 location) Platte (1 location)
Canton (2 locations) Lead (2 locations) Renner (1 location)
Centerville (1 location) Lemmon (2 locations) Revillo (1 location)
Chamberlain (3 locations) Letcher (1 location) Sinai (1 location)
Colman (1 location) Lyons (1 location) Sisseton (1 location)
Dell Rapids (1 location) Madison (1 location) Trail City (1 location)
Elk Point (2 locations) Marcus (1 location) Tyndall (1 location)
Emery (1 location) Martin (1 location) Warner (1 location)
Estelline (1 location) Mitchell (3 locations) Webster (2 locations)
Flandreau (2 locations) Mobridge (1 location) White (1 location)
Fort Pierre (1 location) Monroe (1 location) Whitewood (1 location)
Gary (1 location) Mound City (1 location)
Harrisburg (2 locations) North Sioux City (2 locations)
South Dakota Roofing Contractors by County:
Beadle County (1) Deuel County (1) Minnehaha County (31)
Bennett County (1) Fall River County (2) Moody County (3)
Bon Homme County (1) Grant County (1) Pennington County (27)
Brookings County (4) Haakon County (1) Perkins County (2)
Brown County (7) Hamlin County (1) Roberts County (1)
Brule County (3) Hanson County (1) Sanborn County (1)
Campbell County (1) Hughes County (4) Spink County (1)
Charles Mix County (1) Kingsbury County (1) Stanley County (1)
Codington County (4) Lake County (1) Turner County (2)
Corson County (1) Lawrence County (6) Union County (6)
Davison County (3) Lincoln County (9) Walworth County (1)
Day County (1) Meade County (5) Yankton County (7)

If a South Dakota roofing company is missing from the directory, please contact us with the location.

About South Dakota Roofing

Roofing contractors play an important role in building and construction. Their duties include consultation, roofing installation, and repair. Roofing contractors are trained to know the best roofing type for your home. Residential roofing contractors work with metal or asphalt roofing materials, and sometimes with cedar shank, depending on the climate. Roofing contractors are also responsible for weatherproofing roofs from water or harsh winters.

Typical Climate

South Dakota experiences warm summers and frigid winters. It's vulnerable to heavy winds and droughts. The average temperature in winter is 12 degrees. In summer, the temperature averages around 74 degrees. The coolest temperature on record in South Dakota was -58 degrees on February 17, 1936. The warmest temperature was 120 degrees on July 5, 1936. South Dakota averages between 13 inches to 24 inches of rainfall, depending on the location. Snowfall is around 41 inches each year.

Roofers' Licenses

The state of South Dakota doesn't require roofing contractors to obtain a special license. It's best to turn to independent organizations to verify the reliability of a roofing contractor. The Better Business Bureau is a trusted, third party organization that documents complaints filed against contractors. This is a valuable resource for consumers looking for an independent analysis of a roofing contractor.

Common Roofing Issues

South Dakota's long winters force roofing contractors to use climate-specific techniques--such as roof- and eaves-deicing systems and gutter-melt cables--which melt ice and snow and keep it from forming. Manually shoveling snow off of roofs also helps to prevent leaks, of course. The biggest obstacle in South Dakota roofing is caused by ice dams. Ice dams form when the heat from a poorly insulated house starts to warm snow on the roof. The snow slides down the roof and then refreezes in the eaves of the roof if the temperature is cold enough, creating a dam.

Unusual Roofs in SD

The most unusual rooftop in South Dakota is on the Chapel in the Hills. Built in 1969, the Chapel in the Hills is a replica of the Borgund Stave Church in Norway. It's a stave church, compromised mostly of wooden elements. The Chapel in the Hills features architecture from the Middle Ages.