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Consumer Reviews of Genova gutter guards

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Date created: 2010-10-04 Location: Chicago, IL

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"These Gutter Guards Sucks!"
I want to review my crappy gutter guards, I hope it keeps you away from them. I originally bought some gutter guards from Lowe's about a year ago. They are made by Genova which from reviewing other products from this company, is crap. I installed them to keep the oak leafs out of the gutter. They clogged my sewer system cause they traveled down my store drain. The first 6-9 months, the gutters worked very well, not a single problem. Now, the last 3 months wreaked these guards. It was because I installed them in the fall before, when summer came. The poor things just started to welt and almost melt. They are not good for summer at all. I can't say a good thing about these unless you live in Alaska, then these will work fine. I will not tell anyone, even my worst enemy to use these crappy guards.