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Date created: 2011-04-21 Location: daytona beach fla
Model: 1c

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

I have owned the leaf locks for 5 years now and they are great. They are made out off the same gutter material that the gutters are made of so they match perectly The system uses the gravity system so there are no holes and the leafs just roll off the roof. We have never cleaned the gutter out since. the covers work just like they were intended and as far as The looks well let me tell you they finsh of the gutter system perfectly with sleek lines and it looks like they came with the gutter system. Contact me and I'll tell you where to get some. They will pay for them selves in just a few years or 1 trip to the hospital from having some dumb neighbor trying to hold the ladder while you clean them out.