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Consumer Reviews of Leaf Off gutter guards

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Date created: 2011-06-01 Location: Columbia, TN
Model: Leaf Off

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Gutter Guards - A real lifesaver"
I have had my Leaf Off gutter guards for about three years now. Where I live we get a good deal of rain and on my lawn I have a number of large healthy trees. Unfortunately that means that each year my gutters would get clogged up. I am a senior citizen and disable, so I had been paying a neighborhood boy to mow my lawn and do odd jobs in the yard, including clean the gutters. The young man grew older and moved away and I hired a professional lawn mowing service, but they wouldn't clean my gutters. A friend suggested I get better gutters that would keep out rain. I looked up a company in the yellow pages and they recommended the Leaf Off gutter guards and I bought them and the company installed them. In the three years since that has happened my gutters have not gotten clogged and have not had to be cleaned a single time! I would definitely purchase this product to a friend and would recommend it to a friend.