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Consumer Reviews of Menards gutter guards

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Date created: 2010-10-12 Location: Riverside, CA

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5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Guarding Your Gutters"
I bought the Menards private label brand from my local store a couple years ago. I needed to put them on my rental unit in the country. I first have to say I do like the overall design of the gutter guards. They are made out of metal, which is a lot better than the plastic ones that most places try to shill you into buying. The second part I really love about the guards are that they are hinged. So once you install them on the gutters and them in place. All you have to do is tilt them so the junk falls on the ground. It is a lot easier to clean up the junk on the ground than on a ladder. I have only really only issue with guards. If there is too much junk on them, they will bow a little. Overtime I am worried about the guards being stuck like that. If you would ask me if I would tell a friend about these guards? I would, they are very good guards and wouldn't recommend any other brands.