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Date created: 2010-10-29 Location: Shasta, CA

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Go Green, Go BP Solar Panels"
My BP Solar panel is a pretty good deal for the price. I bought this panel about a year ago to power a couple things in my house. I was getting tired of being charged out the butt for my power. I replaced everything in my house with energy star equipment. I decided while I was switching over my equipment, I installed 5 panels. The panels were very easy to install with the mounts you can buy for the roof. Wiring the system was pretty fast which was a big plus. I have had pretty good output from the panels. There is some issue with the panels if it gets too cold. The output drops about 10 percent for reasons unknown. I think it's just the crystals being too cold. I had a little crack in the corner of one of the panels because it got cold and hot too fast. The panel still works but the output dropped a little but nothing major. If you asked if you should get these panels. I would tell you to get the panels and go green.

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