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Date created: 2011-01-25 Location: buffalo, new york

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5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"The day I decided to go Solar!"
It has been nearly a year since I had a contractor professionally install my solar panels. When it comes to solar panels, there is no room for compromise. There is a large variety of solar panels out there at high prices so the decision to buy a particular one is very hard. After reading around online, I chose the German based company Scheuten. I trust German products when it comes to future technology. This particular company has been manufacturing solar panels for over 20 years, and I wanted to know that I was buying something from a company that has experience in the field. I wasn't disappointed with the end result. As with anything there are pros and then there are cons. To this day, I have not had any problems with the system. When the contractor doing the work came by and brought the solar panels, I could see the extreme care and build quality that Scheuten puts in their product to make sure they have satisfied customers. It really was German-built. Installation was a breeze (or so it seemed to me) and a few days later my system was built. I invested into a pallet (24 modules) of the Multisol P6-54c 195w solar panels. They feed into a power system that the contractor designed that uses marine batteries to store energy, and anything that is not used by the house is sold to the power grid. The system is well built and I have had no problems with it at all. Living in Buffalo, New York, the weather can be harsh at times, and so far the system has held on very well. Now the bad is not really the fault of the company. Since we do not get sunny weather all year in this location, there is a considerable drop in power output during the winter time. This brings me to the next fault. It is a huge investment! It is about $2.80/w for the panels alone. It will not pay for itself for a very long time, possibly a decade. The reason being is that the price of the solar array, with the labor, and everything the contractor built, cost me a great deal. The marine battery setup required a special "power shed" to be built. However, in the long run, if the solar panels hold out (as they should) I will start seeing money returning upon my investment. If I ever need anything else to buy for my solar needs, I will definitely turn to Scheuten and recommend everybody else to do the same. They offer great quality products at prices that reflect what they offer.