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What is Plastic Roof Cement?

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There are many factors that contribute to making sure a roof will stand up to most weather for a long period of time. Using plastic roofing cement is an important part of roof construction and repair to ensure a roof's longevity.

Plastic roof cement is made out of ground asphalt and can also be called mastic, asphalt plastic roof cement, or flashing cement. It forms a tough boundary that resists cracking and helps stop leaks. The ground asphalt has the same waterproofing effects that it does when used to coat or apply shingles.

Plastic roofing cement is used to affix new shingles being added to a roof that already has a layer of shingles, to seal nail heads, and to eliminate leaks. It can be used to seal flashing, which is a kind of shingle that is placed at rooflines. Flashing is often more vulnerable to leakage, so roof cement should be used to create a dependable seal.

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Using Roofing Cement

Roofing cement usually comes in a can or container. It is easy to spread and work into the surface using a trowel. Roofing cement can also be used in a caulking gun to make it easier to apply to rips or spots that are harder to reach. Smoothing the cement with a putty knife makes the job look neater and provides stronger leak protection.

Like all roofing materials, plastic roof cement can be weakened over time by weather. Periodic inspection of all roof joints and seals will help identify problem areas which can be easily fixed by a re-application of the cement.