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What are Ridge Vents?

ridge vents

A ridge vent is a special grilled opening located at the peak of an angled or sloped roof. It permits warm and/or moist air to exit a building's attic and works with soffit vents to keep attics ventilated and dry. Ridge vents are installed under the roofing materials making them less visible than other types of house vents.

How Do Ridge Vents Work?

Ridge vents, along with soffit vents, allow air to flow between the attic and the outdoors. As warm air rises and exits a home through the ridge vents, cooler air is pulled into the attic through the soffit vents. The airflow through the attic is maintained in either calm or windy weather bringing cooler, dryer air in from the outside.

What Problems Do Ridge Vents Solve?

When moisture builds up under a roof or in an attic, mold can grow, wood might rot, and, in extreme cases, ice can build up in the attic insulation of improperly vented spaces. Stagnant, hot attic air - during warmer months - can dry out trusses and increase air conditioning energy costs. During the winter months in cold climates, ridge vents help to prevent ice dams and improper snowmelt which can damage roofs. In the summer, ridge vents work with soffit vents to keep the hot, moist air flowing out of the attic to the outdoors while drawing in cooler air.

The Benefits of Ridge Vents

Ridge vents are designed to maximize the airflow and provide evenly distributed ventilation along the entire underside of a roof. A higher volume is possible through ridge vents than any other fixed-venting system. The simple system works year round as neither the weather nor wind direction affects its functioning, unlike roof turbine vents which rely on winds of at least five miles per hour.

Popular Manufacturers of Ridge Vents

  • Cobra
  • Diversi-Plast
  • Mongoose Products
  • Varia-Vent
  • Venturi-Vent Plus